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New Moon Happened

Hello to you all,

What's new? The moon renewed itself last night, so let's look forward to new hope and possibilities, that enable us to rejuvenate our souls via our hearts. It's been four months since I quit my stressful job at and Aged Care facility. Have you ever done that? Finally walked away from what is not good for your path forward?

I miss the residents, my friends and some of the tasks but definitely not the negatives. This time has gone by so quickly. It has been good to sew, paint and create again. I'm not fully there yet, as still seeking clear guidance. I do know that I am meant to create and help people with their own visions, once I can establish mine, ha!

I haven't changed in that I love to create using as many recycled elements as I can, along with a desire to make them appeal to people with alternative tastes.

The seaside always helps.

Lately, I have been working on recycling denim jeans into fresh new-design skirts.

They are already available but I still need to list them and add all their details into descriptions. A timely process, which has me avoiding it, until I can get back into a routine. I aim to make an array of sizes. You can keep up-to-date via my Instagram site: DebDorgan.Allthingspretty

Keep well, my friends. :-)

Love Debra

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