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I love to recycle wherever possible, which, I think brings more interest to garments, accessories and homewares. I love my work, which evolved from my artful hairdressing days and my life long love of colour, texture and the wonderful feeling of improving what we already have. I have a deep appreciation for the unusual and it was this initial acquirement of some hand embroidered and beaded textiles and laces, from England and exotic far-off places, that started my journey to collect and accumilate, until I had a sufficient mountain of beautiful supplies.



When I lived in England, I attended many antique fairs that sold some of these exquisite pieces but I have also been very lucky to have found delights from more obscure places, such as charity shops and car boot fairs. These days, I purchase many of my supplies from one-off sales, on-line and from beautiful, sharing friends around the world, that have come to know what would catch my eye.


Now I am settled in Australia, I have an even broader spectrum of creativity, that derives from the space, surroundings and interesting people that I meet. My home studio looks out to a rich, shaded green tropical creek. It is a peaceful, yet noisy corner with the beautiful birds and cicadas singing their tunes.



























I am mainly focusing on clothing, jewellery and unusual homewares, including paintings, pillows and other wall art. I work alone at this present time, with time out to revel in the company and surroundings of great people and lovely places.






















I have been proud to have the most gorgeous buyers from around the world, including from people that adore handmade one of a kind items to performing belly dancers, professional singers, brides, spiritual soul-searchers and more but they all have the same thing in common - they love to celebrate their quirky and unusual side, whilst soaking up everything that is beautiful, as I like to do!

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