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        Debra Dorgan

                             Hi there,

             Welcome to

 I'm Debra, the designer and creator of AllThingsPretty,   online since 2005. I sold on Etsy for 16 years until recently.

 My home is in beautiful Brisbane, tropical Queensland,   Australia. I am originally from England, UK, with   interesting roots. 


 I am a free-spirited, empathic soul and an enthusiastic   collector of vintage and antique textiles - being my   faves. Antique lace and old global embroideries   started my passion for textiles.


 Over the years I have worked in several mediums   including hairdressing, glass fusing, metals, wire, clay,   paper and painting, to name a few! At present, I am   designing and making clothes, jewellery and home   wares from a combination of  some of the above   mediums. 

 I am currently working on paintings, clothing,   jewellery, figurines, crafting kits and a few other   things  in the pipeline. I like to encourage and help   people of all ages to build on their appreciation of arts   and crafts which can help enable people to find   common ground in the community, have fun and         encourage new friendships with kindness. 

                              Love Debra

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