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Debra Dorgan


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I'm Debra, the designer and creator of AllThingsPretty, online since 2005.

My home is in Brisbane, tropical Queensland, 

Australia. I am originally from England, UK, with interesting roots. New Zealand was my first move overseas, several years ago.


I am a free-spirited soul and enthusiastic collector of vintage and antique textiles - being my faves. Antique lace and old global embroideries started my passion for textiles.


Over the years I have worked in several mediums including hairdressing, glass fusing, metals, wire, clay, paper and painting, to name a few! At present, I am designing and making clothes, jewellery and homewares from a combination of  some of the above mediums.


My studio overlooks a beautiful creek where cockatoos screech throughout the day, keeping me company, alongside many other manner of Australian wildlife, my family, cutest pet Whippet dogs and two funny rescue cat sisters.

Love Debra


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