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New Designs, Pretty Pictures & Observations

Hello everybody,

I have spent the whole day uploading and editing over 150 photographs today! My eyes are zapped. Ha. I'm making up for lost opportunities, so it will teach me that I will not put things off for too long in the future.

Before I tell you about some of my latest additions to the website, I'd like to share some pretty pictures of the various Hibiscus flowers that I came across recently, when donating some goods to the op' shop.

I loved how these bushes were all in a row in different colours. I have a bright red/pink Hibiscus bush in my garden, similar to the one below.

Isn't nature supreme? No matter what is happening in this unpredictable world, nature always continues to surprise and uplift us.

Not my studio, by the way! It belongs to the church op' shop.

I'm in awe of these flowers and their delightful colours and patterns.

My phone camera did its best in capturing these beauties. Imagine how they'd look if taken with a professional camera!

I've been uploading heaps of photographs because I recently interviewed a special lady at her lovely home, so my next post will be all about them, along with her interesting story. I love finding out about people that don't even realise how special they are.

On one of my regular walks here, along the peninsular, I often think about sharing some of my sights too, so this was taken one atmospheric morning. Last week, there was a happy Pelican taking a nice, long swim on the warm, calm water. They're such a magnificent sight.

My phone wasn't capable of zooming in any further but you can hopefully imagine how calm it and hot it was on this surprisingly peaceful Saturday.

Further along on the parade, is the busier shopping and restaurant area. Ever since moving to this area 15 years ago, I have always been fascinated by this large Art Deco building that has always appeared derelict, except for the lower part. I often daydream about it being my home, where I will live upstairs and have a balcony out to the front, overlooking the sea. Downstairs will be my shop/gallery and community meeting rooms, where we share good banter, drinks, lunches and life stories. I have never been able to accept that it just sits there with no love and appreciation given. It needs to be given life again!

Last week, I went into the shop below to ask about it, as the shop owner was closing down. I was told that the company that owns it are about to start something there. I can only hope that it will be a good vision and utilised to its full potential, without losing its Aussie Art Deco charm.

I'm imagining the possibilities. I am now only short of an imaginative investor! A dream.

Talking of sympathetic renovations and the like, it doesn't go unnoticed when lovely old houses in arty suburbs are almost devoured by unsavoury new builds. Here is a prime example of a cute old Queenslander home, being oppressed by the latest trends that are consuming Brisbane suburbs. I am trying to be a positive energy, yet I do believe that some things need to be acknowledged. Just an appreciation of what still is, even if it is not going to last much longer.

Here is a typical old West End home. You can almost picture yourself immersed in the airy beauty of it.

Something to think about! One day I hope to own such a pretty home.

I have been painting quite a bit lately and will soon have some paintings finished for listing. I am also working on a new recycled denim skirt, that is partly sewn and pinned. I need more hands! Ha.

As I said earlier, today I added some new works on the website but I also reduced the price of a few items. I am continuing to reduce other items too, so please keep a look out, in case you have your eye on anything.

I started creating this patchwork top many months ago and I finally completed it recently. The colours are bright and cheery, in a one of a kind design.

It comes with the belt, for a different look.

I also finished making this crossbody/waist bag. I have one for myself that is very similar and I use it on every long walk, to hold my phone, glasses, purse etc. It is so comfortable.

Available here:

I have 3 little amulet pouch necklaces on the site now too.

I have managed to list one pair of earrings today.

This Cream Velvet ribbon embroidery top has been reduced by $70 :-)

Sunshiney Days dress has been reduced by $80

Antique linen top has been reduced by $60

There are other reductions too.

It has been lovely sharing this with you all. I pray you are all keeping well. Keep smiling!

Love Debra x

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4 commentaires

So good to hear from you! I so enjoy your work and creativity. Your photos are beautiful, I love seeing what's happening in your neck of the woods.

We are in the full bloom of Spring, I imagine that you are surrounded by the changes of Autumn.

Looking forward to hearing all about the special lady from your interview and the photos. Can't wait!

🙏🧡✌ Julie

24 avr.
En réponse à

Hi there Julie 😃

Thank you so much. I really appreciate your kind feedback and words. Isn't springtime a wonderful season? The cooler temperatures are nice here though. It stays pretty green all year round, compared to a lot of countries/continents! Nice that you're already loving it there. I am aiming ro write the next post within the week, so thank you for your encouragement. 🙏🏽🌿 ~ Debra


I can just imagine low key afternoons and/or evenings in the white West end house. Spending time on the porch relaxing alone or with loved ones in silence or in pleasant conversation. Hearing the sounds and enjoying the sights of nature and people in the neighborhood. Definitely a cup of tea and a book would never be far away.

24 avr.
En réponse à

Hi Adelaide, I was sure that I'd replied to your lovely comment but yet, I can't see it here now! Thank you. I love your description of the pretty white West End house. It seems to sum it up beautifully with great imagination. I hope it's experiencing all of those lovely vibes. 👌🏽😃

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