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Growing, Stumbling, Plateauing, Suffering, Loving, Growing.

Life has felt very strange since last writing. Too strange for comfort but today enables the words to start flowing again. The title says a lot about some of my own experiences and that of others that I have observed or been privy to discover. I am witnessing odd behaviours and angst, with little merriment to counteract the negativity that surrounds us. Today is different though. I wasn't the only person to acknowledge this either. I awoke to a welcome message that another felt the change too and that today would be a great day. A chance to recognise some positive renewal and help bring our own upbeat energy to the world, no matter how far-fetched that sounded. Their words resonated and admittedly, I felt a glimmer of hope for the wonderful start to the day, soaking up the sky from the verandah and embracing its promise of a better day. I am in need of some regular meditation, that has been lacking in my life, hence living only in the stresses and drama of everyday challenges. Going within is the answer. Simple. Yet why can it feel so hard to get to that magic place of one's soul and inner peace? 'Luckily', a beautiful friend I had missed for some months, met me and brought me back to that simple place and comfort of SELF. I admitted that although I'd felt some promising vibes of the morning, my gut was telling me to be wary of such thoughts, with my memory being reminded of how things can turn to pot so easily again. I was without trust. I was wrong to feel that way. Nothing spectacular happened except that nothing detrimental happened either, thank The Lord! And here I am, working from home in the evening on a work project at my computer, along with surplus energy and motivation to write these thoughts and happenings down, with intention of being open, to some extent, hoping this all might make some sense to you all too and hopefully helping in deciphering your own feelings. I don't need to be clever and innovative here - just open to share and connect with like-minded souls and see what evolves. This alone, is enough. Thanking you for this authentic interaction. x

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Membro desconhecido
08 de set. de 2020

Funny...I wrote you a note BEFORE I read your note to us. As I was writing I was thing “love in the time of covid.” Don’t know why that had entered my mind this morning as it never had before and even though I’d read the book (CHOLERA) it hadn’t been A favorite. So, it’s not part of my psyche or anything like WAR AND PEACE or THE ARE OF INNOCENCE (my fav book which I read almost every year!) if things here in the States hadn’t been bad enough the last 3 years along comes this horrendous plague. This cosmic event that evens the playing field for a nano second and THEN turns the playing field upon its…

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