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Downsizing Brings Nice Opportunities

Hi everybody,

I hope you are all enjoying your new found energies and are seeking the good stuff in life! Myself, I am in a downsizing, decluttering situation. I need more clarity in my life and to let a lot of things go, so I already started to give away heaps of belongings and selling off a lot of stuff too.

I realise that I must keep this momentum going and extend this flow to my created stock too, so I am very happy to offer you a new AllThingsPretty opportunity too, which is 'Make An Offer' on anything that you have had your eye on from the website shop :-)

I will consider all offers, so it is up to you now, ha.

I started two new jobs in Disability Support work but I am still very much keeping my creative business alight but I am selling off lots of my supplies and household things, so that I can allow more options to choose from when the time comes to find a different home.

I believe that by getting rid of many things already, the energy has already changed for the better. My wardrobe is now getting some air and other people get to enjoy my surplus pieces too! It's quite a relief and a release, once you get going. I'd also like to sell all of my completed creations that are for sale and then I can focus on newer work and get to know that many people have found a bargain. So, please don't be shy. You never know until you present your offer! :-D

Also, do remember that multiple purchased items can accumilate with the shipping charges but I always refund any overpaid postage, as the checkout format doesn't calculate the shipping in the correct manner. I have had no issues with it though, as long as you have trust in me that you will never be out of pocket where shipping fees are concerned. I refund the overages once I have posted the items off, to get an accurate cost. You will also be sent the tracking number is you're not based in Australia.

Please take a look through the shop and drop me a line if you feel the urge to make an offer or chat about anything. All very much appreciated.

Lots of love and good energy to you all, Debra x

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