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Being Kind Is Always The Way Forward

Now just imagine this world where everyone you encounter on a daily basis was acting on kindness at any given moment. It sounds impossible, doesn't it? But your own kind intention of spreading your kindness, will find many ways to benefit the peaceful world we all desire - through good intentions and positive, kind energy. Just like how a nice smile can make another person smile and so on. This is no new revelation of course but it is one that I often feel isn't used enough. Especially in these current times of change and discomfort.

Other people's negativity and lack of compassion, patience and kindness can affect us deeply, especially when they're unhappy within themselves and feel the need to shower you with their own harsh energy. They function from a place of lacking. Please do not allow their ill-intended actions of harsh words, negative energy or abuse in whatever form, seep through your loving layers of love and kindness. It is easy sometimes, to just retaliate and in turn feel so bad inside, yourself. It will take practice and love within. Meditation will help you. I am not saying to allow and accept their behaviour but to protect and shield yourself from harmful energy that can affect your heart and day. I am also learning this more and often, I forget how to do this too when I have been so disturbed or shocked by it.

My prayer and hope is that more people will evolve over this difficult period in life and become powerful in their chosen, well-intentioned actions or pathways. You can often walk away from negative people too, or if that is not currently possible - find ways to help manage the impact on you and inform them that their behaviour is unacceptable for you to be around and that you will no longer tolerate it. This brings us back to YOU. How you are the most important person in your life. Everything starts with you, so please, if anyone is going through something like this, a new discussion may need to be raised. Start by being kind to yourself and only allowing kindness into your life. You can be assertive and kind at the same time. This is where boundaries come into place. Empaths need to be reminded often. Please be nice to yourselves. This is where love starts. This is where love grows from. Your holy power.

With Love


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Gretchen Klein
Gretchen Klein
May 07, 2021

I love this *vibe* you are putting out into the world!


Replying to

Thank you SO much, Gretchen. I apologise for only just noticing your comment just now. I appreciate your kindness. :-)

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