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Are You Feeling It Too?

Good evening beautiful people. Yes, you ARE beautiful because I only really attract 'them sorts'! I have been drawn to write to you today, at long last. Mind you, I do believe in the right timing, so who's counting when it has been a few years already?

As the title reads, are you indeed feeling it too? Feeling all this change and upset in the air. The feelings of old and new colliding. Of planets in a spin and energy trying to find its rightful path. I am feeling this too. I am uncomfortable and even a little bit cross.

I am here to draw you in too. I am looking forward to our future interactions and camaraderie. We have lots of good stuff to look forward to but we are in this together, which is why you are here, at this precise moment. Some of you may know me up close and personal. Others may know me for my art or other past work situations. No matter how we know or don't know one another, I welcome you here with an open heart and healing support.

My aim is to connect more of us 'good sorts' in ways that will help us grow, engage and share authentic interactions. Just like life, there is no set plan but there is a goal - to ebb and flow, learn, teach and support. I do have many thoughts and ideas that will evolve with my good intentions and I am happy with this vision, for starters.

I encourage you to read, digest, feel and participate in any way that feels right for you. Whether you're active, passive or inquisitive, please just enjoy the path we're on and chip in whenever you fancy.

With Love


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