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A New Day

Hello everybody,

Thank you so much for the feedback on my last email post. It was great to hear of some of the things you enjoy the most. There was a resounding suggestion to show more of my working spaces, so I will include more shots of those, as time goes on. You may change your mind when you see all the heaps of textiles etc, ha.

I have dealt with two recent floods to my studio from the summer storms we've had, so that did actually help me to re-organise a lot of things. Movement is good. I didn't dwell on the negativity, which is a great mind-set to have. I have to thank my recent spiritual courses for that. It could have almost been called a blessing.

There was a whole new eco-system out in the garden...

I had sooo many linens to wash, with no dryer, so it took days. The second flooding was planned for and nothing else got soaked, fortunately. Cane toads were everywhere. They thought it was great fun hopping around.

The garage was affected quite badly but I have a lot of things in plastic boxes. It's a horrible feeling watching the water spread around your house and possessions. I don't own this house, so it isn't something that the landlord is worrying about fixing either, as the lower part of the house is deemed unlivable, due to the ceiling height.

Those of you that are with me on Instagram and Facebook, will know that I am part of a Steelpan Band. We were blessed to play at a recent Ska & Reggae Festival up on the Sunshine Coast at The Banana Bender pub, (I love that name). We were one of the supporting bands to the amazing Sunny Coast Rude Boys. We were playing first and became surrounded by happy people, dancing away but also some of the more 'excitable' few, coming in close and pretending to play with the front-line tenors, ha. All in good fun, which set the night off to a wonderful, fun atmosphere. The Rude Boys photographer, (kjgphotos_photography), captured me playing here, on the cellos.

Afterwards, we packed away and then danced all night long. My body was in shock to such exercise. I love Ska music and grew up with it, around my hometown in England.

I've had a couple of nice times around two antique centres here. It had been a while, which is great when there are heaps of 'new' things to see. My favourite discovery was the floristry area they had set up, run by a Japanese florist. (Kent Florist). Their herbariums really caught my attention. Just beautiful. You may have seen the photo I put up on Instagram but I wanted to save the best for this post.

Delightful, aren't they? These ones were quite large. About a litre in capacity. It is such a sweet way of showing off fallen petals, leaves or flower heads. A nice little project for you to do at home. Let me know if you would like any tips, as I have a few. :-)

I bought a beautiful Monstera hanging plant from here.

Ever since school and my hairdressing days, colour has been my favourite element in the visual arts. Hardly surprising but it just evokes so many pleasant feelings, especially when mixed together. I loved colouring hair. My daughter has now told me that she plans to have dark emerald green hair, after her recent blonde colour change. I'm all for that!

Talking of colour, how lovely is the shade of blue from this vintage jumper, that I saw at Paddington Antique Centre?

I didn't buy it because it is way too hot here most of the year round, plus I don't like how knitwear fits against my bellies!

The ceiling of the antique centre is also of a similar colour. It used to be a theatre in the old days and still has many beautiful, ornate features around the place.

It's a great half day out, to take your time and enjoy browsing the many vendor stalls there.

I've been painting quite a bit these past few weeks and sewing some recycled denim patchworked skirts, incorporating some of my favourite fabrics into them. I do have some wrap skirts that I need to list too, so keep your eye out, either on Instagram or Facebook. I have been thinking of creating more regular posts here, as also suggested by some of you. With that, I feel it would be nice to keep people up to date here as well, maybe weekly or fortnightly, to include recent shop updates and what I'm currently working on. It's been great getting into a creative rhythm with replenished ideas and new vigour. I appreciate all of your support and encouragement.

It cannot be dismissed that most of us have had a real time of it, these past, unimaginable months. I pray that you are all seeing some hope and have loved ones around you. I have found my two recently acquired rescue cats to be a nice distraction and to help keep me grounded in the present moment. Art and creating can have that same impact too. You don't need to be a whizz at creating. Just have a try, if you've been considering it. Even doodling in a sketch book is a nice way to get you started. I've been working in my art book too. Just building each piece up, when I'm in that non-committal mood.

I feel the urge to paint more angels, like this little one that recently sold, called, 'Pray For An Angel'.:

I painted her four years ago. My work often takes time to find its right owner. I always believe in the patience of that. Other times, pieces can sell almost immediately, which is also a wonderful thing.

I do paint a lot of florals too but lately, I am feeling pulled to paint more portrait type work, along with some sayings, affirmations and good humour. That is the essence of me - being humourous and kind, from the heart. Those two actions keep me creating, of course.

I must say too, that I am so lucky to attract this back to me. I know each of you see this in yourselves too, or someone else sees it in you, at least.

If you are keen to see me make anything again or something new, that may be of interest to you, please do let me know as your feedback is what I want to expand on. I've heard from some of you but I am always open to everyone sharing their thoughts and suggestions.

Here are a couple more pics of nice items I saw at the antique centres.

A sweet strawberry print swimming costume and a Clarice Cliff bowl.

I have had other urges these past few weeks, which included having an extra Christmas tree to put outside to help cheer the neighbours up too, after such a difficult year. It has solar lights, so is very pretty at nighttime. It's only blown over once, ha.

I made the big star a few years ago, with no real intention. It took so many hours, over a couple of days, I remember.

I ordered these mini brownie cupcakes from a cake shop, to collect on Christmas Eve.

The verandah with a happy Lily plant.

As the title says, 'A New Day' - to start over. Sending love and gratitude to you all. x

Love Debra x

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Apr 27, 2022

Thank you so much for your lovely comments. I've only just learned how to reply here! ha. :-)


Dec 17, 2021

I love your attitude about life and it shows in your wonderful creations. More power to you.


Louise Oakes
Louise Oakes
Dec 17, 2021

With all that water about you it looks like you live on a houseboat! Hopefully the water goes down soon. I love your outdoor tree and your verandah. I have a hankering for a verandah, but there aren't many of those around here. As usual, it's lovely to see your work, that star is gorgeous.

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