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This amazing door or window curtain is made up of many hand made vintage textiles, including lace, crochet, embroideries and doilies. There is one particular doily that has been meticulously made into a tiny cup, saucer and place at the centre, in fine detail with beaded edges in pink and ecru.


Many happy hours were spent creating this one of a kind piece to feature inside your home, verandah or on a wall, for added decoration. There is a pocket along the top that is suitable for a simple dowel or rod. (I use either a garden stake or a bamboo cane). You can use a wooden dowel too. It can then be perched upon two hooks or slanted nails.


It measuues approximately 34" wide x 80" tall


Overpaid shipping is refunded after posting.

Bohemian Gypsy Door Curtain

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