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March Meltdown Momentum

Hi there, I hope you're all well and doing the best you can around the world. What times we are in! If you're feeling anything at all like me, then God bless you all. It's not easy - for a long time now. I keep praying and holding out for a peaceful, happy world without power-hungry monsters leading the way.

Here in Queensland, we are just getting over and dealing with the recent floods. Not all areas were affected but it does impact us in some way. My home didn't escape the flooding, unfortunately but I was expecting it. It was the third time this summer that my studio and garage were flooded but this was the worse, most relentless occasion and I'd prepared as much as I felt able to. I'm ignoring it all for now, as we are being told that it might all come back again, so my studio is a bit chaotic right now.

Here are a couple of photos of my back garden, which don't really depict the full extent of it:

I want to keep the Big Meltdown Sale momentum going though as I am aiming to downsize and regroup, to help with my space and sanity, ha. And it feels so good to see you acquire some great discounts. Last week I sent out the blog post and also as an email campaign. I'm not sure if you received one or both? Working on the back end of Wix is quite tricky and not very clear, so I am attempting to work out which is the best way to go. I think, one day I will have to employ somebody to help me with this website, as ideally, it would be better that my shop was located here, instead of being just on Etsy all these years. Please let me know your thoughts if you have any suggestions or feedback. Thank you.

Also, please remember that most multiple purchases end up in a decent sized overpaid refund, which I always refund after posting.

Right, let's get to the arty part! First up is this Brown Retro Dress at 50% off, bringing it down to $22.50 AUD.

I have added a link to each item to the Etsy listing but it doesn't look like Wix is working properly. I apologise for that. It is so frustrating that I cannot simplify it, as it should be.

The next item for sale is this Pink Banana dress - 50% off the already reduced price, bringing it down to $20 AUD.

The next item for you is this Marina dress - half price, bringing it down to $42.50 AUD

I've reduced this Hand Painted Vintage Cabbage Roses fabric purse by half price to $37 AUD.

Finally, I have also added this Fire & Ice Top - half price, down to $32.50 AUD

I hope you see something you like. Thank you so much for all of your support, kindness and custom. I am always grateful and I thank God each and every time.

With Love

Debra x

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