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Looking For The Good Stuff

Hi everybody, well another couple of months has passed us by. The photo above was taken this morning, whilst eating my crumpets with fresh honey, that a friend gifted to me, along with a cup of green tea. I'm trying to seek and appreciate - all the little things that add up to a good life. This is my desire right now. Simple but effective, I hope.

Wherever you are in the world, I think it's safe to say that we are all mostly suffering to some extent. It feels more raw when you are alert and aware of the governmental happenings and confusion. I will not be focussed on talking politics or the like, here so let's keep it as light and free as possible. :-)

It's vital to keep nature and art enjoyment at the forefront, I reckon. I always feel better when creating. More so if it turns out well, ha! DOING and ACTING are the main things here, even if you become a bit frustrated or disappointed in your initial efforts. I've definitely lost my creative drive a lot these days but here I am, planning on getting it back. To stay, too. What are you all up to, to help you stay happy? Please feel free to share on here or via email. Even writing down accomplishments or missions can help drive you forwards and upwards to a better energy space. Writing here, helps me too but sometimes I can hardly say a word or draw a line, paint a blob or sew a stitch, so my intentions aren't preachy.

This photo was taken last Friday, where I took my homemade lunch to eat, even though it was blustery winds and cold, for Queensland, Australia! It was just me there, along with two other people wrapped-up women, further along. I believe that any time spent sitting by the sea is a beneficial thing that we can do, if we're lucky enough to live fairly close to it. I adore the sea and trees, so this was a lovely spot before it rained.

Art-wise, I've still been working on that cat collection - made using a papier mache method. I was first inspired to make a papier mache cat when i saw one in a Cat Cuddle cafe with a dear friend, when we assisted some residents there with our previous job roles. There was a very large 1970's cat, that wasn't for sale as the cafe owner loved it too much, ha. I know that feeling. Our attachments to art and memories. The 1970's cat was nothing like mine but it reminded me of when i used to make papier mache cats back in England, about 25+ years ago. I gifted them all. I wish I had saved one as they were so characterful and took hours and hours of work.

Did you spot the Bag Puss one on the right hand side? BagPuss is an old character from an old English animated cartoon. I don't actually remember watching it but do remember this cat, ha. Below is a photo of the original cat, that was created by the late Peter Firmin.

It might be difficult for me to part with my own Bagpuss too, ha. I want to try and make a fluffy one too but that will take some planning and patience, so maybe I should start a workshop with a few people to also try and fathom out the best way to may our own versions. I'd actually like to facilitate some workshops to make all sorts of things together. This is where my vision for Community Engagement and Friendships comes in.

I am also working on something else that is new and unique - little altars/shrines, of sorts. I have two I am creating right now but like most things, they are taking way longer than I expected. I'm finding the glue is expensive too, that i like to use because I don't water it down but I might have to consider starting to do that. My intention for the 'shrines', are to have a little place where you can appreciate your little collections of miniatures or beach-combed shells, stones, coral and other special pieces like crystals, dried flower heads, photographs, feathers or tiny toys. These days I move further and further towards evoking good feelings and soulful tokens. I still feel this way when making clothes etc., but how nice would it be to have a little hanging alter/shrine to place in a special area of one's own room or spiritual space? I'm hoping it will help bring some grounding to a person's attention. To mine, too.

If you haven't seen these beauties already, I recently adopted two rescue cats - Albert & Persia. They seem to love each other but massive Albert abhors Genie, our visiting 11 year old Whippet dog. My gosh, he is capable of very unpleasant attacks on her, so we have to keep them separated of course. Other than that, Albert is such an affectionate cat. he must have suffered some bad happenings in the past, most probably. Persia is is the crazy one but also ever so affectionate. Don't you just love animals? They help keep us loving and amused, ha.

I'll be back again and hopefully with some finished creations to show you. I'm unsure whether to list them on Etsy or see if a shop or gallery would like to display them.

Good bye for now and please look after yourselves, especially your hearts and souls. x

Love Debra :-)

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1 Comment

Thanks for the update, Debra! I have had a tough time getting my creative juices going, too. 2020 was very tough for me, but once we were able to get the vaccine, I felt some liberation. It's still scary because so many people here in the US are refusing to take it and the new variants are more contagious and more deadly. But, I just wear a mask in the crowded places and hope that people who come to my house are being careful.

I think your idea of the workshops is really great! It helps to have time with other people. I am an introvert and have to push myself to be social, but once I get out of…

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