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I Haven't Done This Before

Hi everybody,

I'm impressing myself with keeping to my time frame of being back after a week, so that I can launch my BIG Meltdown Sale offer here first. During the week, I have selected a few items and discounted them by 50%. But here, for you, I would like to do something a bit different and special by giving you the opportunity to have a two day preview for other certain items. :-)

So, here goes!

This Patchwork Gypsy curtain can be hung using a slim dowel or bamboo pole and hooked over two hooks or slanted nails, (which is what I do). It has a scalloped hem and lots of other pretty textile pieces, which are mostly recycled. There are more details in the item description over on Etsy. Just send me a convo on Etsy and I will amend and reserve the listing deduct 50% off for you.

I am also offering this Flora Dress. Let me tell you a little about it, as I actually made it so many years ago. It has been carefully stored all this time. It was lent to a photographer for their photoshoot in a country field. The model was carrying a farmer's shopping basket filled with flowers and it was so beautiful. It is an unusual design and it took me days to create it. I had already reduced it over the years but now I am going to do another big 50% to get it to its rightful owner at long last, ha. I feel bad for it just sitting, wrapped in tissue in a box all this time. I do get it out from time to time to air it though but I'd be happy to know it was being worn. Again, let me know via Etsy if you are interested in taking the 50% offer and then I will change the listing price for you.

I'm really keen to reduce my available creations, so I can have a wonderful mental regroup and bring in some fresh energy, if that makes sense!

Finally, this little upcycled vintage bag is offered to you at 50% Off. After 2 days, I will also offer it to everyone else. Please send me an Etsy email, (convo), if you'd like it at 50% Off.

I have all my items sent via tracked shipping as I need that peace of mind, since having two items go missing in the past. I'm just adding that bit of info' as I do not want you to think that I just make up postal prices.

I hope there is something here that might interest you. Once my inventory is down, I will continue to make pretty things and have a clearer vision for the future of AllThingsPretty. We all need a change sometimes.

I'll be back again in a week's time with some more creative offerings :-)

Keep well and bye for now

Love Debra x

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