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Did January Actually Exist?

Ha ha, I cannot remember January at all. I think that might be a good thing, considering all that has been happening around the world.

I've been reminiscing about England, my home country, recently. It must be all the unsettling feelings. Sometimes it feel difficult to create and get into a flow but I have had many opportunities, so I am happy for those moments. I really need a shake-up though and am planning on having a big clear out, so please do take advantage of that.

Today I reduced 3 hand-stitched koalas by 75% and have added some other things too. I need a change of direction, so some new, good energy is called for. I will be sending out some preview posts here, so you can get first dibs. Debs' Dibs ha.

A fresh start is necessary sometimes isn't it? I have been working from home in recruitment too, as a trial so it keeps me busy but you know how art is my passion. I have some exciting ideas and plans that I MUST stick to this time. You may have heard me say before, how I am going to plan to do this and that but I also need to still to work on myself and become more peaceful within. I am a happy person by nature but I am also a big empath, so I can feel the weight of the world and those around me.

These days it has been my own weight, (oh that's a whole other story, ha)...really though, I am on the right path with beautiful people in my life but I am a lonesome soul and always have been. I don't like to tell people what is really going on for me, which is 'naughty' I know. I am encouraging of other people opening up and sharing their woes, which helps me to be more open too. I'm lucky that I have a couple of friends that I can speak to from the heart, spiritually. It's all very deep, ha. It is finding the silence within. Vital for our wellbeing.

These following photos are of a place that I used to visit when I was a kid with my family in Bourton-On-The-Water in The Cotswolds, not far from my England home place. What is particularly special about these pictures, is that it is a Model Village, based on the actual village. So it is a village within a village. I miss England and all the old houses and buildings. The first couple of pics are the life-size versions. All photos are by Bourton Model Village and Cotswolds-Culture.

Isn't it delightful? It's a beautiful village with a Bird Land attraction, where we used to feed the trout, watch the penguins swim and walk amongst the exotic birds. All birds are exotic, aren't they? :-)

I'll see you all again in a bout a week's time, with more attractive offers of my big life-change clear out!

Love Debra x

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